The Russian robot – reality or fantasy?


 Российский робот – реальность или фантазия?

Back in 2006 at a press – conference, the president of the Russian Federation, actually asked about that – whether we will defend our borders huge battle humanoid robots. Answer is not immediately forthcoming, but in the end of 2011 a response was still positive. One correction – it will be but little robots for use in everyday life.

Once upon a time in Bauman, A. Knyazev was conducted to study optical and electronic devices. So pleased with the implementation of 2005 the company was founded R.BOT.

Initially the company produced an advanced system monitoring, which were able to recognize the license plate number, the human face, in a word the system fixed the violations of the law and thus provide security. Since the laboratory is a three-dimensional view of production development, as they say for the benefit of the Fatherland, one of which was the monitoring system “OKO”, placed in a balloon.

But the prince wanted to make robots and the first real working unit was embodied in the sample R.BOT 001RPS. The acronym RPM stands for – robots – patrol service. This robot works on the principle of mobile controllable camera with the ability to exercise some independent action. It became a kind of continuation of the company’s expertise in the field of video monitoring. The first test operation robot was elected to the city of Perm as the assistant police robot was sent to help guard the order.

From about the end of 2007 R.BOT 001 has systematically helped patrol the streets and in the Permian, accompanied by police officers and patrol dress himself individually. Weight robokopa350 pounds, his brain is tucked away in a bulletproof case and turn it almost does not seem possible. In a global sense R.BOT 001 defined themselves in space with GPS system, and the local orientation in the area occurred in two belts, equipped with 12-gauges and six wide-angle objective cameras developed by the company. The shift of center of gravity made it to the robot to be stable, but due to three powerful batteries KAMAZ he could operate continuously without requiring additional power.

The purpose was to produce a robot fixing violations photos or video camera in places where the average person to do this is dangerous. It is also equipped with a speech synthesizer can issue warnings. In the scanning capabilities of the robot to scan documents.

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