Teachers can do it so why not Students? Lets Robot!

As previously reported, South Korea is enjoying the luxury of putting English teachers into the classroom via robot. Perhaps now is time for Korea to follow in the footsteps of Russia by giving sick children also the chance to attend school. Developed by the Russian lab 3Detection Labs, the R.BOT 100 robot is made to aid in the education of terminally ill.


Although it is not cost-effective to get the robot, R.BOT 100, for the generally healthy child, it is a blessing to the chronically ill. The price tag for the Bot is $3000 which is roughly 1/3 of the cost of the bots that are roaming around in some Korean classrooms.


The Bot gives children the sense of being in the classroom by giving them control over the movements whether it is the moving of the head or speed of moving backward or forward. Undoubtedly it gives a feeling that every child suffering from a serious disease or cancer longs to feel, normal.


Korea is a nation that prides itself on education. The next step for it to take is to extend its hand to its sick children and offer to them what every other child can have, education.


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