Rurik robot will teach disabled children in Ivanovo

August 24. Interfax-Russia.ru – Ivanovo Regional Center for Distance Education of disabled children became Russia’s first interactive mobile robot (avatar) R.BOT100, “Interfax” on Friday, the center’s director, Elena Sherudillo.


“The presentation features the robot” boy “was held at the Regional Conference of the teachers on Thursday, participants at an improvised competition gave him the name of Rurik”, – she said.


According to the director of the center, R.BOT $ 145 thousand purchased at the expense of oblbyudzheta, by 10 September center buys robot “girl”, a name that will give the children themselves.


“Robots will be used in the learning process every day: one will be in a class of basic school (one – in elementary school, the other – in the middle tier), providing telepresence on the lessons to 30 children with disabilities do not attend school,” – said E.Sherudillo .


Previously reported that the Ivanovo Regional Center for Distance Education of children with disabilities was established in 2009 on the basis Kohomskoy boarding school.


Educational sites for disabled children are working in 24 municipalities in the region – in Vichuga, Kineshma, Kohma, Shuya, Gavrilov Posad, Ivanovo, and Rodnikovskoye Yuzha areas and others.


In 2012 it is planned to create an environment for distance education of children with disabilities in all 27 municipalities in the region.


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