The museum space was a presentation of “domestic” robots



Russian engineers have developed a type of intelligent androids that are to become associates at work and at home. The robots are controlled by a smartphone or tablet. On Monday, the smart car showed reporters at the Museum of Cosmonautics in VVC. The developers claim that this issue commands to the robots can even be on the other end of the world. Only high-quality access to the Internet. Have robots and independent functions. For example, they can dance and get to know people.



“The robot can see what a person looks or man sitting with his eyes closed, he could see that the person smiles, smiles degree, degree eyes closed. To some extent, it may not even need to know his master, he can discern a person’s gender and even race, “- said the presenters” Robots with interchangeable intelligence “Alexey Knyazev.



One of the main advantages of the new machines – accessibility. Is such a robot from 9 to 15 thousand rubles. For the public exhibition at the Exhibition Centre will open on April 12 – the Day of Cosmonautics. Later intelligent appliances go on show in China, Middle East and America.



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