Managed from anywhere in the world of Russian robot shown in Moscow

Managed from anywhere robot showed Russian engineers. See the video RIA Novosti, the car was dancing to the music from the ballet “Swan Lake” and communicate with people at the presentation.

Replacement Swan intelligence allows you to take almost any device by uploading it to the special software.

The device operates in two main modes. At first it can be controlled via the Internet from anywhere in the world. The second mode – “pseudolife” when the machine operates independently without direct human intervention. For example, the robot can memorize and then to recognize people’s faces.

“Suppose a person is sick, the robot drove up to him and displays the news, and people fell asleep, eyes closed. Robot can ask him a question, and if you do not get a reply, mute the sound and hide under the bed”, – told reporters CEO developer Alexey Knyazev.
The creators claim that the car, with special software, can master the various professions – to become a nurse, salesman, tour guide and even a security guard.

Created two versions of Swan – floor and table.




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