In Russia, a robot with interchangeable intelligence


Smartphones and tablets, which will inevitably become obsolete and are replaced with new models, found an unexpected application: they will interchangeable “brains” of personal robots.
Today in Moscow, at the site of the International Space Museum presented two types of such devices with variable intelligence, which may soon become indispensable helpers person at home and at work.


One of them – a mobile, can easily and gracefully move into residential, public and commercial buildings, install the owner or acting independently. Other – stationary, with reduced dimensions, can be placed on a desktop, nightstand or on a cot, and in public places, cafes and hotels, on a plane or train, at the bedside or on school desk – instead pribolevshey student .. .


One is that it has become, so to speak, an extension of yourself – your eyes and ears, a video camera and microphone, caring for a baby nurse or nurse in critically ill, so that it is recognizable by his voice and the face of your loved ones and colleagues – enough to equip it to your personal smartphone or tablet with a pre-pre-program.


- No matter where I was – at home, at work, on business trips abroad or someone at a party – the “head” and “brain” of the robot is always with me, and the “body” is universal, – opens the main know-how Alex Knyazev, the head of the Russian company, already known for its telepresence robots “Erbots.” – Do what we offer now, there were several working titles: “robots without a head”, “network robots”, RobotNet. In my opinion, the most fitting – “robots with interchangeable intelligence.”


According to Knyazev, their current design compared to telepresence robots, which are produced in many countries already, promises a truly revolutionary perspective. After all, potential owner of such a robot-assistant not only guarantee exclusivity and protection of personal data, but also to facilitate the very serious purchase – not forced to re-spend money on “brain”, and make it possible to use this as an existing customer with a smartphone or tablet.


- And those that quickly go out of fashion, but work fine, too, do not have to throw away – encouraging fellow fans Knyazev most advanced gadgets. – Update the software to your phone, plus $ 300-500 for the “body” – and your children, parents, friends appear intelligent robotic assistant …


Presented at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics first models with interchangeable intelligent robots in “sleep” state was like a vacuum cleaner. And when they were “awakened”, sensitively raised his head, straightened his neck, and, as if in a fairy tale about an ugly duckling turned into a graceful swan. Rotation around the axis – and before you have a cobra, more traffic – and the silhouette is easy to guess a scorpion.


- The twelfth of April, Cosmonauts Day, we present the new development is in public – both in Moscow and Hong Kong, – shared his plans Alexey Knyazev. – In May, show it to Las Vegas, on the order of Dubai and Miami. Our company – a relatively small by international standards, it is only 25 development engineers. And an example for us have always been people like Steve Jobs. As at the time he was a legendary Gretzky, and I want to repeat for Jobs: “I run to where the puck is not at this point, and where it will be in the next moment.”



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