Robots with interchangeable intelligence

Post-release with the presentation of the line of robots with interchangeable intelligence Synergy

March 18, 2013 at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics presented a new line of robots created by the Russian company “RBOT” (CJSC). CEO Alexei Knyazev presented new media leading Russian media demonstrated their capabilities and answered questions. New robots developed by the innovative concept of “robot with interchangeable intelligence”. Robot with interchangeable intelligence is a device that “brain” which is a smartphone or tablet that is placed on the site of the “head” robot. “Neck” is a robot manipulator, folding into a compact design, the top of which is available for mounting the connector “head” of the robot.


Alexey Knyazev introduced two models of the new line: desktop and mobile. Elder, a mobile robot model, Alexey Knyazev named Swan (Swan), and a new line of robots called R.BOT Synergy, reflecting its essence – the connection benefits of its parts in a single product with qualitatively new capabilities.


At the climax of the presentation robot Swan backlit left center stage to the music of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” and danced for the guests into a beautiful “swan.” Robot finished his speech of thanks and bows to the audience to journalists and guests.


The shape of Swan folded hemisphere is 40 cm in diameter, and its appearance can vary depending on the posture. When the robot slightly raises his head and pulls the neck, then it is possible to guess the silhouette of a beautiful swan, and if the neck arching back – texture scorpion.


New robots can be controlled by a remote operator, serving as telepresence, or work offline, using the possibilities of intelligent software to be installed on your smartphone or tablet. The presentation showcased managed mode and some independent functions. For example, the robot to sleep and fell down, saying, “robot rest”, but on the approach of man, rose, and got to know him, welcoming voice. Robot to recognize employees, and journalists, who have decided to test this function, passing a simple registration procedure.


Now your smartphone or tablet running Android, can easily turn into a multi-functional personal robot, he had only to be installed on one of the robots with interchangeable intelligent ruler R.BOT Synergy. He will also charge the battery robot. When working on the device’s screen to appear pretty “face”, and to output the sound are two speakers located in the building robot.


The new product can be used in all areas of human life, and especially where the owner must know the preferences, interests and habits. R.BOT Synergy can be your personal secretary and assistant at work, a nurse and a guard house, to become a tour guide and tour guide at the museum, hostess and concierge at the hotel, a waiter in a restaurant, etc. Now robots R.BOT Synergy will take care of you and your family: reading stories to children, to help communicate with parents and friends, stream content from the Internet, at your request, the robot itself is gone, folded into a compact structure. R.BOT Synergy also changes the usual means of communication people, making them inaccessible earlier vitality, brilliance and emotion.


Alexey Knyazev said that in the near future the company will release for general use software API interface to any software developer for Android could develop programs for new robots. Everyone can download for free from the website API. The company’s plans and adaptation of new robots for use with smartphones and tablet operating systems, iOS and Windows Phone.


Alexey Knyazev also spoke about market trends of consumer robotics perspective changes in the interests of software developers for mobile devices, and the dominant search of the perfect robot models of the future.


The declared cost of robots with interchangeable intelligence be 299 $US. for the desktop version, and from 999 $US for mobile model SWAN.

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