The company was founded in 2007 by Alexey Knyazev entrepreneur to develop and implement innovative and high-tech solutions in the field of security systems and CCTV. The basis of the research team made ??more than 50 specialists — graduates and faculty Bauman. Bauman, Moscow State University. MV Lomonosov Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, MIPT, Moscow Power Engineering Institute and other leading universities in the country.


In 2008 the company started to develop a major project in the field of robotics under the name «R.Bot». Telepresence robots are assistants to people, many of them run with disabilities, for the first time in my life had the opportunity to work, learn and most importantly — to move. The company prides itself on its expertise and the fact that it stands at the cradle of the Russian consumer robotics.


In 2010, robots are used extensively in advertising. By the beginning of 2012 the company’s customers are many brands of Russian and foreign markets in different areas.


TV spot with Alexei Knyazev — CEO (Channel «Time» — the transfer of «The Great discoveries»)

Interview with Alex Knyazev in the transmission of «worldly affairs» on the TV channel «Home»