International company «RBOT» was established in 2005 for development and introduction of innovative solutions in spheres of IT, telecommunications, robotics, optoelectronics and mechatronic systems. Core of our Company is formed by graduates of leading Russian technical universities. Our products are remarkable for their high-level technologies, great development speed and being highly competitive with their foreign rivals. In 2008, Company released its new project – interactive mobile robots «R.BOT 100» which carry out the telepresence function developed by «RBOT». «R.BOT 100» can be controlled by operator from anywhere worldwide through internet or/and wireless networks. «R.BOT 100» provides capability to see and hear everything around the robot, to talk to other people and to move around providing a full telepresence effect. Robot «R.BOT 100» combines friendly appearance, safety and multifunction. It has already gained high credibility at the market but we are looking forward. Supported by the team of highly-trained specialists, developed technologies, products, solutions, ideas, experience of successful implementation, production and roll-out, , accounting for latest fundamental changes in the sphere of mobile telecommunications , our Company started development of a new great project in the high-tech industry. It is called «Robots with changeable intelligence». The newest line of «R.BOT Synergy» is based on «changeable intelligence» technologies developed by our Company embodies variety of our technical innovations, solutions and developments. Our specialists worked hard to make dreams come true and to create robots which become multi-functional assistants for human. «R.BOT Synergy» forms a new wide market of consumer robots for corporative and personal application in homes as well as in different industrial, scientific, educational, trading, cultural, health service, and many other spheres. Today, our Company would like to present You with our newest series of robots with «changeable intelligence» – «R.BOT Synergy Swan» and «R.BOT Synergy Mime». We hope that our innovative robots of «R.BOT Synergy» series will affect all aspects of social life and will be welcome in every home, family, office, country house, marts, shops and anywhere, where «R.BOT Synergy» robots abilities can be helpful. Desktop robot «R.BOT mini» is the most mobile USB 2.0 webcam which has small mobile robot functions, «R.BOT» remote presence technology and inimitable appearance which can also impress with its components of success: innovative design, great quality of HD-picture, ease of use and good price. This site will give You wide range of information about our ideas and products that implement these ideas in life. We are proud of being fathers of robotics and we set our goals to implement Your vision of kind, clever and useful robots that will change our lives for better.


TV spot with Alexei Knyazev – CEO (Channel “Time” – the transfer of “The Great discoveries”)

Interview with Alex Knyazev in the transmission of “worldly affairs” on the TV channel “Home”