- The most comfortable application of mobile device functions:multimedia and internet content viewing while hands of user remain free, – robot responds to voice commands and tracks face movement by changing position of mobile device

- Robot can move to the desirable place and do any desirable action, for example: start video, music file or read news in the Internet

- Robot-nurse, can watch children and alarm about any changes, can also read fairy tales and show cartoons

- Robot-Guide at the museum, responds to any entry of the human and suggests to look at the most interesting showpieces

- Robot-waiter or robot-hostess in restaurant or hotel, can meet guests, account them and remember their preferences

- Information services for clients using intelligence capacity

- Innovative marketing, advertising and promotion of goods and services: robot can provide information about devices and promotional events in electronic stores and mobile phone outlets. It’s a comprehensive sales assistant who shouldn’t rest or eat, and who shouldn’t be payed.

- Your guests will be memorably impressed by robotic show: dancing and singing robots will leave unfazed no one.

- Remote education and health service.