Earlier in the trading rooms of a few specialists were constantly at their jobs, but now the R.BOT Synergy allows one employee to work remotely on multiple outlets simultaneously. This ensures an even distribution of labor across the entire network of retail outlets.

R.BOT Synergy can improve the quality of services and reduce operating costs through the optimal allocation of staff time savings, spending on food, uniforms, rental and maintenance of premises.

The consultant, working through the R.BOT Synergy is at your fingertips access to the Internet and be able to respond promptly to any question a buyer. R.BOT Synergy can take most of the work of field staff themselves, beginning with a meeting and escort visitors and finishing registration receipt for the selected product. R.BOT Synergy Smartphone or Tablet PC enable you to set the directory with the features, descriptions and photographs of products etc.

R.BOT Synergy can also provide remote effect of the presence of other members of the organization: managers, administrative personnel, marketing, etc. With R.BOT Synergy you can coordinate and supervise the work of sales consultants and promoters during the promotional robot will replace the supervisor. Moreover, the customer will be able to watch the action taking place at the point of sale with your own eyes, take pictures and shoot video.

R.BOT Synergy help in conducting training, testing the knowledge of employees on products and conducting appraisals.

Control of the R.BOT Synergy, you can switch directly between employees at work!

R.BOT Synergy is able to carry out various R.BOT stock, wine, activities aimed at stimulating the activity of buyers. During their training may be a number of organizational issues associated with those who will advertise the product as it is better to do and where to advertise. R.BOT Synergy solve all these problems! We propose to use the R.BOT Synergy in two appointments – as a promoter and as a carrier of advertising information.

It is known that the more members of your target audience will learn about the conditions of your shares, the more sales will be realized. This requires that a representative of the company attracted the attention of visitors and the best possible way associated with it. R.BOT Synergy provides a genuine interest from buyers, and facilitates the introduction of an innovative company image. Today in Russia, the robot R.BOT is a unique marketing tool.

The robot R.BOT can also serve as an effective carrier of information, providing ample opportunities to showcase multimedia and hypertext material on the touch screen.

And this is not a complete list of features that can provide the R.BOT Synergy!