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Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014.



The plot of the TV channel "Russia Today" about russian robots.



RBOT Festival at the Museum of Cosmonautics


  April 12, 1961 went into space, Yuri Gagarin! In memory of those 108 minutes of the first manned flight into space on April 12 became the Day of Cosmonautics. In 2011, at a meeting of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution...


Receiving orders

Receiving orders

Open to accept pre-orders for "robot with interchangeable intelligence" R.BOT Synergy. Send your request to info@rbot.ru.    Robots with interchangeable intelligence R.BOT Synergy   Mobile Robot Swan Min height (folded): 350 mm...


Robot in Minsk


R.BOT became the most popular promoter of the exhibition "Belarusian House - 2013" in Minsk. The robot came to the capital of Belarus, to support popular portal Dom.by and present their new mobile app to easily find the store building products, tools, furniture and household appliances.   Around...

R.BOT shows off Synergy Swan, a phone- or tablet-powered telepresence robot.


While wandering around the show floor at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, we had to stop and take a closer peek at these cute-looking robots. Conveniently dubbed the Synergy Swan, this 14kg machine from Russian-based R.BOT (or Quanzhou Future Robot Technology in China) uses an Android device as its face and camera, as well as sending movement commands for its neck (with four degrees of freedom) and wheels (maximum speed about 1.8km/h) via Bluetooth. The Android phone or tablet will obviously be equipped with the appropriate apps for either telepresence or automated interaction with people — the latter can simply be the tablet automatically starting to “talk” or play a video clip when a person smiles at it. Interested? You can nab a Synergy Swan for a surprisingly affordable $450, and there’s also a smaller but stationary Synergy Mime for just $250. Jump right past the break to see R.BOT US CEO Dmitriy Subbotin show off his robots.

R.BOT Synergy Swan


Software developed by the robot will be able to help out the host in the most unexpected situations, literally became his eyes and ears

Telepresence robots, or teleprezentery, virtually unknown in Russia, but also abroad, are considered one of the most promising trends in modern robotics. The most popular models - the American VGo, iRobot Ava, Anybots QB and French Gostai Jazz. One of the impediments to the development of these, of course, useful electronic helpers - their price, starting from $ 5 thousand Teleprezentery is a mobile basis on which a small rack - up to 1.5 m tall - mounted display device and enter information. Usually, the "gentleman's set" includes a small screen to display video, stereo speakers, webcam and microphone. In addition, depending on the modification and development plans teleprezentery may include modules Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS, as well as the entire system of sensors that facilitate the safe movement of robots: from infrared and ultrasound to gyros and lasers.

Left to right: VGo, iRobot Ava, Gostai Jazz, Anybots QB

The operator of such a robot can be located thousands of miles away from his "Avatar." As the controller can perform virtually any computer - a laptop, tablet, desktop. Using a special interface, the user can "see" through the webcam robot "hears" - with his microphone, "says" - through the speakers. Well, the ability to manage teleprezenterom space expands telepresence robots almost indefinitely. What it looks like in reality? This could be, for example, like this: you're sitting on the beach somewhere in the Maldives, watching what happens to you in the Moscow office, and give valuable advice to colleagues or subordinates - in the extreme case, your "avatar" can and meeting with a particularly important client to attend.   The trend in the trend - the use of tablets or smartphones (iOS and Android) instead of a whole set of display devices and input. Such a solution simplifies and reduces the cost of construction, and at the same time facilitates the developers, in mobile devices already have their own "brains" and, therefore, no need to reinvent the wheel - just create a universal application that will not only interact with the outside world, but also to manage robot chassis.

That such a scheme uses telepresence robot R.BOT Synergy Swan from the Russian company RBOT presented in mid-March. The design of the robot is a mobile hemispherical base diameter of 44 cm, equipped with a manipulator resembling unfolded graceful neck bird (swan, Eng. - Swan. - "News"). At the top of the manipulator mounted tablet or smartphone running Android. Height unfolded - 90 cm, weight Synergy Swan (with battery) - 14 kg. Good for such devices clearance - 4.5 cm - allows you to confidently move on various surfaces indoors.   According to Vyacheslav Kravtsov, project manager RBOT, Synergy Swan almost fully developed in the laboratories of the company - from concept and design to electronics and software drivers.   - In our robot tablet or smartphone is removable intelligence - they, naturally, we do not produce, - says Vyacheslav Kravtsov. - Everything else is done by us, including electronics and software. We work with well-known manufacturers of mobile devices in order to ensure full compatibility with all of our robots their current models. We have developed software to control the robot from Android - this software will soon be posted in the form of API on our website.

  The company is planning - preparation of applications and libraries for software developers by robots range Synergy. In priority - face recognition and voice synthesis speech.       - We will also involve not only its own software developers, but also work with companies that are developing software for Android, iOS and Windows Phone to quickly write a basic set of applications for R.BOT Synergy, - shares his plans project manager RBOT. - First of all, it is the various options telepresence, entertainment and gaming applications, business intelligence and applications (robot nanny robot guard, robot-consultant, the robot secretary, etc.).       The best part of the robot from the RBOT - is its price tag. The assurances of the company, the value of R.BOT Synergy Swan will be only 15 thousand rubles. Even with the additional purchase of a tablet or smartphone on Android can assume that the price of the final set is unlikely to exceed 30 thousand If developers plans are realized, at the end of May - beginning of June in Russia will be one of the first large-scale telepresence robots in the world. Source: http://izvestia.ru/news/547707#ixzz2PHppEdlw  

Habitat. Androids


Ground robots are more independent and do not need, even in the thin cable. To reach the operator enough wireless access to the Internet. With the help of a robot camera can visually be where a person can not be physical.   Source: http://russia2.tv/video/show/brand_id/21585/video_id/278234

World of robots coming


The fact that until recently seemed impossible, today is a reality. World of robots has become commonplace. But the future with kiobrgami not so long ago wrote science fiction. Today - they are attacking. Robots can not only peredvigayutsya but razgovarivavat. This development - Russian scientists.   Source: http://nastroenie.tvc.ru/nvideo.aspx?faid=42eb9a70-d11c-4121-b58a-a5dbdd007251&fn=10&date=22.03.2013

The robot, lulling children


In the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, Russian creators smart machines presented his creation - a new interactive robot, which unlike its predecessor is more flexible "body" frame for mounting a smartphone or tablet, which, incidentally, are the new interchangeable "brains" bot.

This device, in form like a swan, and there is a new "artificial intelligence" of the company, which has recently introduced its first-born in the area of ??interactive robots, quickly won the sympathy of the people. Field of application of robots is large: patient monitoring in hospitals, remote "presence" sick students at school or university. In addition to the functions the robot at a distance, appeared the new electronic "brains". Inserting special fixtures any gadget, you ensure that the robot will recognize your face, fix your gaze and even follow you. For example, doing baby-sitting services, a robot can not leave the baby without "supervision" and communication. The robot is able to converse, read and show the story, and the "sleep" and "wake up" with the child (he does it in response to the closed or open eyes ward).   Another feature of the new creation is that all of your settings for the robot and your preferences (for example, a favorite quiet melody that the robot is on, when you want to take a nap), will be stored on your tablet or smartphone as long as you want it thanks to the special software. "Smart" robot due to its ability to manipulation, can independently fold and "hide" under the bed when you are not, and when he hears your voice, - go from there. Even going to the "alien" to the robot and insert your gadget, you will quickly "get acquainted" with the newcomer. If necessary, he will give you advice, pick up information based on your desires and preferences. So far, in terms of software for the newly interactive robot leader of the Android platform is Google, but as we know in the near future will be made for development and other operating systems such as IOS and Windows.   The company has presented and junior "desktop" brothers Riyadh Botha, who assigned the task of smaller manipulation within a small area (eg, within the table). For example, he can ride a smartphone, when he calls, or tell the weather, while you are busy with their chores. The shape of junior and senior Air Bots vary in size and weight class they are also different. Big Robot about a meter high (unfolded) and weighs 10 kg, junior shorter and weighs about 3 pounds. Price issue is already known, the large "Swan" will have to pay $ 499, and for the "ugly duckling" $ 299.   Previously, it was difficult to imagine what kind of a box with wheels will perform various tasks and objectives. But the human mind is still able to come up with a mate.   Dmitry Vedeneev   Source: http://www.mk.ru/science/technology/article/2013/03/20/829047-v-moskve-sozdali-robota-kotoryiy-budet-ubayukivat-malyishey-i-zasyipat-vmeste-s-nimi.html

In Russia, a robot with interchangeable intelligence


Smartphones and tablets, which will inevitably become obsolete and are replaced with new models, found an unexpected application: they will interchangeable "brains" of personal robots.
Today in Moscow, at the site of the International Space Museum presented two types of such devices with variable intelligence, which may soon become indispensable helpers person at home and at work.   One of them - a mobile, can easily and gracefully move into residential, public and commercial buildings, install the owner or acting independently. Other - stationary, with reduced dimensions, can be placed on a desktop, nightstand or on a cot, and in public places, cafes and hotels, on a plane or train, at the bedside or on school desk - instead pribolevshey student .. .   One is that it has become, so to speak, an extension of yourself - your eyes and ears, a video camera and microphone, caring for a baby nurse or nurse in critically ill, so that it is recognizable by his voice and the face of your loved ones and colleagues - enough to equip it to your personal smartphone or tablet with a pre-pre-program.   - No matter where I was - at home, at work, on business trips abroad or someone at a party - the "head" and "brain" of the robot is always with me, and the "body" is universal, - opens the main know-how Alex Knyazev, the head of the Russian company, already known for its telepresence robots "Erbots." - Do what we offer now, there were several working titles: "robots without a head", "network robots", RobotNet. In my opinion, the most fitting - "robots with interchangeable intelligence."   According to Knyazev, their current design compared to telepresence robots, which are produced in many countries already, promises a truly revolutionary perspective. After all, potential owner of such a robot-assistant not only guarantee exclusivity and protection of personal data, but also to facilitate the very serious purchase - not forced to re-spend money on "brain", and make it possible to use this as an existing customer with a smartphone or tablet.   - And those that quickly go out of fashion, but work fine, too, do not have to throw away - encouraging fellow fans Knyazev most advanced gadgets. - Update the software to your phone, plus $ 300-500 for the "body" - and your children, parents, friends appear intelligent robotic assistant ...   Presented at the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics first models with interchangeable intelligent robots in "sleep" state was like a vacuum cleaner. And when they were "awakened", sensitively raised his head, straightened his neck, and, as if in a fairy tale about an ugly duckling turned into a graceful swan. Rotation around the axis - and before you have a cobra, more traffic - and the silhouette is easy to guess a scorpion.   - The twelfth of April, Cosmonauts Day, we present the new development is in public - both in Moscow and Hong Kong, - shared his plans Alexey Knyazev. - In May, show it to Las Vegas, on the order of Dubai and Miami. Our company - a relatively small by international standards, it is only 25 development engineers. And an example for us have always been people like Steve Jobs. As at the time he was a legendary Gretzky, and I want to repeat for Jobs: "I run to where the puck is not at this point, and where it will be in the next moment."
    Source: http://www.rg.ru/2013/03/18/roboty-site.html