- The most comfortable application of mobile device functions: multimedia and internet content viewing while hands of user remain free, – robot responds to voice commands and tracks face movement by changing position of mobile device

- Robot-nurse, can read fairy tales and show cartoons, it automatically detects opened or closed eyes of children and sleeps/wakes simultaneously with them

- Innovative marketing, advertising and promotion of goods and services: robot can provide information about devices and promotional events in electronic stores and mobile phone outlets. Robot can contact you to the call-center if necessary

- Secretary: addressed messages with tasks and mental notes for employees. It can also recognize employees autonomously and turn in information personally

- Car assistant: hands-free system, videorecording, driver’s state control and entertainment center for passengers
- Information services for clients using intelligence capacity

- Communication enhancement while communicating via Skyoe or social networks – possibility to show emotions by smile animations

- Online robots at schools, hospitals, museums and exhibitions which use devices of relatives, friends or classmates