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The plot of the TV channel "Russia Today" about russian robots.



RBOT Festival at the Museum of Cosmonautics


  April 12, 1961 went into space, Yuri Gagarin! In memory of those 108 minutes of the first manned flight into space on April 12 became the Day of Cosmonautics. In 2011, at a meeting of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution...


Receiving orders

Receiving orders

Open to accept pre-orders for "robot with interchangeable intelligence" R.BOT Synergy. Send your request to info@rbot.ru.    Robots with interchangeable intelligence R.BOT Synergy   Mobile Robot Swan Min height (folded): 350 mm...


Robot in Minsk


R.BOT became the most popular promoter of the exhibition "Belarusian House - 2013" in Minsk. The robot came to the capital of Belarus, to support popular portal Dom.by and present their new mobile app to easily find the store building products, tools, furniture and household appliances.   Around...


Russia – home robots, or I, R.Bot 

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The title recalls the sci-fi movie I, Robot. Yes, the hero of this material could say that R.Bot – this is it. (By analogy with Louis XIV, who said “the state – that’s me.”) It is true that our hero will not do so: it evaluates the merits command higher than his own.


One brave Moscow-based company, in all seriousness builds robots. In the next two years, the company plans to massive sales of these machines in Russia and access to markets in North America and Europe. All the details – chapter in the story of a brave company, which at the apparent recklessness plans does not look like a madman.


Log into the basement of a typical five-story building in northern Moscow is covered with elegant bars. Signs do not – do not know what normal. Random thoughts classifies these people locked up the place for underground saunas, gambling clubs and more often than right. Because it is easy to imagine his shock when he finds out what really lurks in one of these underground facilities. It employs the most current design bureau, which creates most of these robots.


The secret is no exaggeration Cabet not tinkering with imaginary concepts and not with what some toys – there is really focused people working to construct a truly Russian-made robots. Robots are themselves live here – it is absolutely capable machine. As befits a serial product, the robots look the same, and the fantasy of easy to cobble together an army of them. Robots in fact and in the basement of a lot – a dozen. In the country – many times more. How many of them will be a year or two …


The company, which owns the underground KB, as well as its own machine-building production nearby, called “Erbot.” Its CEO, who offered me green tea, he went to do it. Aleksey Knyazev this fact quite accurately describes – he used to do everything himself, no matter who does not rely. He has to do everything, so my companion, not only CEO but also chief designer, and the only investor “Erbota” and chief enthusiast, and an incorrigible optimist.


“My name is Alex” – Knyazev introduced himself in his correspondence. It sounds frivolous before that when I met him expect to see a lion from the movie “Madagascar.” However, nothing in common with the lion is not – I held out a hand-cut man smiling briefly, in which an ardent supporter of Robotics see the impossible. I have before me a strong manager, an entrepreneur with a legal entity.


Removing from the word “robot” one letter, the prince with his companions was given the name of the company, which is now written in all possible ways, “RBOT», RBOT, «R. Boat », R.Bot,« Rbot », Rbot. And etoesche not all, because in English the name sounds like “Arbot.”


The first specialty of Alex’s official Alexei Alexandrovich – opto-electronic devices. These he now equates to computer vision. During graduate school, the theme was Knyazeva computer systems and networks. Since the late 1980s to the 1990s, the future chief of “Erbota” of programmers, and successfully. Then, if matured, and the desire to engage in artificial intelligence.


“But I realized that the AI ??when he was for himself, without practice will not work. You should use it and check it while in the computer, doing something. This requires a kind of mobile system, “- says Knyazev. Such a system is, of course, was not, and the 1990s were in the yard, and the programmer went into business.


“In particular, we have made house-computer network, which covered several areas in the north of Moscow. Rose to their feet, have mastered the Internet, you had to move on. One of the ways was – to get into a company that deals with robots, but these firms did not exist. Maybe they were, but I did not know about them – somehow confused smiles Alex. – And then it just turned out well. In 2004, I rummaged through the papers and found the business card of his supervisor. I called, I say – let’s do something. So in 2005 there was a three-dimensional view of our laboratory. I immediately said that the ultimate goal – to make robots, but first had to find a way to do it. “


Now in the arsenal of robots have only one model that bears the notation R.Bot 100. But such “erbotov” a lot, and they have met all essential requirements of the time.


We talk to Knyazev its not a very spacious room, which is not exactly cluttered, but it is packed with strange kabeshnomu the right things. One of the walls – a bookcase, a ceiling laden with contemporary literature with bright roots. Many books on business. Another wall, like wallpaper, glued letters for victory, and participation in professional contests and exhibitions. It seems that since the founding of the company R.Bot not miss a single how-ever congenial event. Erbotovtsy actively displayed wherever you can and can not even teleyaschiku, but few people notice them.


Double-handed first prototype had a code name R.Bot 200, but since the word “two hundredth” has a negative value, the robot was given the index 201.


“Two hundred first” showed the pros and cons of Bowden cables. The future of the model is, but the car is waiting for a major upgrade: the filling is changed to 80%, while the exterior as a whole will remain the same.


“Laboratory of the three-dimensional view,” has done some useful things, and then I found a mistake that she got to her feet tightly – have contracts with the FSB, the Interior Ministry … and to deal with robots, the company was founded “Erbot.” But then the crisis, all fell off … – Alex sighs. – Here now are trying to do the last little step to get back to that level. In all other directions was again strong, so I think that everything will have better. And I hope that also in the West, we will succeed. “


Robots R.Bot at international exhibitions in Moscow: «Hi-Tech Building & House-2008″, “Traffic Safety Forum 2009″ and “Security and Safety Technologies 2009″ (photo of “Erbot”).


The development of Knyazev droids are still spending their own funds. He says considerable. “How long had to earn. So, in 1992 – CEO grins. – In general, the robots make money, but still have to invest more. That is, I can not stop to invest and withdraw cash, but it’s not the money – I’m not interested. “


But “its” and work easier – no investment company he has never attracted. “In addition, departments testing, assembly, production moved to self-sufficiency through the sales, technical support and promotions. Part of this money goes to development, but there are very large queries, just not enough. It would be more money, I would have hired more developers. The company saves 14 key employees who receive salaries are 3-4 times lower than their market value “- leans back in his chair Knyazev.


Taking advantage of a pause in the conversation in the office with a symbolic bang goes a fake Steve Jobs. Jeans and a black turtleneck, as in the present eplovtsa, and the head pumped up – the young, and too much hair. Jobs Knyazev slips a piece of paper to sign. Alex grasp the meaning of each letter, but still gives an autograph to Steve.


Officer Jobs imitator, named Henry. A former classmate of Knyazev Bauman has served as director of manufacturing robots, is responsible for technical support, testing and promotions (photo of “Erbot”).


General Designer of all the experiences that I do not quite understand what the actual question. On the table in front of me flops unbuttoned laptop to control the robot. On the screen in nevazhnetskom resolution 320 x 240 pixels, I see a wall, someone’s back and a piece of brown and green.


Use the keyboard W, A, S, D (as in a computer game) I can go, “the robot” on a nearby office, and the arrows to turn his head. Places in the room is small, and R.Bot under my direction passes just a little bit. As it turns out later, this “little” was enough to lock up one of the engineers at his own table. Prisoner comically indignant.


“When I first saw the tele, I did not even realize that this is true, – continues Alex. – I went to an exhibition in 1999 or 2000 in Moscow and there he saw a toy tank, which can be controlled via the Web, brought aliens. They if nothing is found, the Internet was very slow for us. By the way, when we started to work, also operated toy robot on the Wi-Faya. I’m beginning to like cheap. But there was more observational telepresence, in one way: you can look, turn the camera, but say you can not. And when the sound appears all the more difficult because … “


From idea to “make cheap” Alex did not refuse to this day. He showed me the finished mold for table ‘erbota “which, whether in sales, would cost about 2,000 rubles, or even less.


Camcorder with a robot, and as many as three microphones. Stated that the machine is capable of autonomous movement with obstacle avoidance. Incidentally, the droid works on Linux (photo of “Erbot”).


CEO turns in his chair and shows up on a magnetic board with hand-drawn pictures. In the sketch-headed barrels on wheels full face and profile. It sketches of robots in mid-2008. Since then hang. Invented to pass the door to a stable.


“Initially, I saw for myself how the patient was lying somewhere, and we have a couple of robots in manufacturing is coming, and we are the CFO, is also ill with the house, the shop ride, because some infections in Moscow – if the anecdote tells Alex Alexandrovich. – I presented some mobile systems for each, as personal computers. The idea was to make the platform on which to piece down on all sorts of things. “


“We can hang a robot, for example, polivalku for flowers – at a cost of $ 100 additional. Or the controller on and off devices. The toy is not able to. “


Cabinet Knyazeva now and then made to vibrate, but the robots have nothing to do with it. All because of going under the floor metros Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya line. On the quiver table fit piece of iron made in the production of R.Bot.


“This is for motorcycles – puts a huge gear, Alex – this is one of the parts for a robot … this is also for motorcycles … But this item … ISS airlock. RSC “Energia” in our books. ” Detail is very light on weight – is made of magnesium. “Manufacture” Knyazev has mastered the production of widgets is very topical and trendy now in the engineering of lightweight materials.


I remind the director of the extravagant design of robot-policeman on which four years ago mocked by all and sundry. Knyazev laughs. “Yes! Two robots were beautiful, such as a missile! “I say” the atomic bomb, “and we laugh at the pair. But when asked about the future of the beautiful rocket-bombs, a smile on his face replaced by Knyazev concern.


Robocop Knyazeva went down in history under the name P-BOT 001. He became a trainee police Permian and almost reached the rank of cadet (photo of “Erbot”).


“They are now dismantled. In general, the project robopatrulnoy service that we had until the end of 2007, was for me the most important impetus for the development of telepresence technology. I was at the police station in Perm at first felt a sense of presence in another location, We are from the ATS controlled robot, which is rolled, moved the road, traveled along with the machines, if a red light – siren included. It was not easy. Well, given that the general good, and then we have acted on their own. I then recalled, and the strange thing – do not I remember that I was sitting at a table near the screen. I remember that it was me, not a robot trying to push the bullies, as I was beaten as they were drinking alcohol, and we “erbota” launched to stop drinking! ” Memories of a police robot Alexis is really fun, but not for long.


Bulky machine under 2 meters tall and weighing a quarter of a ton of four-wheel drive, and, she traveled at a speed of 5 km / h Robocop of Perm in the tests took place in June 2007. A year later the unit returned to Moscow on completion of which it has not yet emerged (photo of “Erbot”).


Ruthless memory throws Knyazev sad facts, such as the gearbox, which is then custom-cost 90,000 rubles, and the gears of the robot, police were four … But even for all the rest had to pay.


“The project robopatrulnoy service alive, but will be transformed. Negotiations with the company one that has the technology to identify suspicious people of their behavior. I do not know when it will happen, but we are working hard to put the robot at the stations “, – says Alexey uncertain and offers to return to this theme later on.


On the computer screen, I see colorful shelves and four vague price tag. Genkonstruktor says – it is fountain wholesale store. Well, well. Alex wears a headset with a headset microphone and presses buttons on the keypad. Announcer’s voice in the womb “erbota” says: “The robot undocked from the docking station.” The outcry of the motor, reinforced columns, cut ears morning a neighbor drill. By turning the camera image on the screen shakes and blurred. When R.Bot in silence dies, breaks shelestenie unintelligible. “Do you hear, the water flowed? – Quickly turned to me and Knyazev, without waiting for an answer, again vperyaet look at the monitor. – Oh, the light came on! This stands are included! “


The store fountains R.Bot need for remote servicing. Warehouse great, few employees. Came the buyer – the operator through the robot helps a person to look around, leads to the stands, includes fountains. Living Consultant will, if a customer clicks on the “erbote” call button. Since R.Bot – no electronics, look for the button is not necessary, it is unique and the most conspicuous place.


Knyazev, “rides a robot” in the warehouse. The screen grows as we approach the door. Alex decides to speak: “Hello!”. Following the echo, repeating “hello” can be heard from afar, “Yes.” In the field of view there is a woman. “Lena, hello! And Sergei came to you today? “-” Yes. He’s spent all day yesterday “-” He studied, where the fountains of what you are? “


If I were a witness to this conversation at the other end, at the store, you probably would have fallen into the sediment: a woman talking to a robot. But from behind Knyazeva it looked like a banal video conferencing.


I gently hinting Alex that his video call – this is the most common Skype. He makes a sympathetic response in the face: “If a man will come through” Skype “, there is a different conversation. To it was fastened about mirror neurons … have you heard? They are responsible for intuitive communication. And then our robot it uses. “


If so, please Knyazeva finally explain what R.Bot different from the trolley on the remote control and batteries, which hitched unpretentious camera and microphone, along with the infamous “Skype”. He sighed wearily, as if hearing my reply trillion times. “We all did it. I bought in China, tanks, cars, and they have traveled around the office here, I’m from Thailand, they ran. To the camera up and down on the toy dump truck body fastened it. Through it all we went through. Well, the machine costs $ 20, camera 10, no Wi-Fi, but simply put a radio transmitter. If you go back to the mirror neurons … You see, when this thing goes, a person does not arise in the reaction of small communications devices do not like him. In “erbota” form and movement similar to a human, it is important to establish contact. Children do understand right away. “


Fountains of the store on the monitor could be heard muffled conversations, footsteps and other household noises. Telepresence – the same eavesdropping on a couple of overt video surveillance. But we are not a special service, and casual – just casually Knyazev included a robot in the middle of the corridor. I reminded the director about the rashness question: Is R.Bot does not put himself in charge automatically?


CEO went back to manage robots. “This is one of the problems … They have put themselves, but one thing to put on the charging of a small device … and another … need some … – Alex wants to say” skill “, but also to speak and park” erbota “it is not easy. – That’s when this guy will be managed by Sergey from the hospital … he … will deliver. ” But Alex did himself immersed in taxiing, and the outcry after a series of engine sounds triumphant message: “The robot is docked to a docking station.”


Many of the characteristics of “erbota” is still kept secret. Anyway, R.Bot 100 – a growth of 1.3 meters, diameter 55 cm, weight about 35 pounds, the rate of 2-5 km / h The machine is equipped with a lead-acid battery, a charge which should be enough for 8 hours.


Ask a question about the primacy and leadership. Look, I say, made our first Russian mobile and immediately announced that it is exactly like the iPhone 4, only better, equal in the world. And with other Russian innovation, say, a similar story. Consequently, your “erboty” must be at least in the world pervymiv anything. Is not it?


Alex waved his head negatively. “There is a book -” The Art of being second. Why “discoverers markets” do not become absolute leaders. “I was there I first saw the concept of” radical innovation “. She wins the market and kills certain types of businesses. Take Apple. Creating the iPhone, they have not invented the telephone . releasing the iPod and iPad, did not invent the MP3-player and tablet. A radical innovation done – Knyazev nod to my “ayped” that instead of the recorder records the conversation.


- And when the innovation is created, begins the struggle for a dominant model. In the case of telepresence robots to fight is now. The dominant model yet. For this to work with consumers, and we are going. We are trying to actively implement its system and to explore what is missing. Some of the things we have learned, I can not voice – they are embodied in the opening, which are now in development, in the end they come together into something very beautiful … “.



R.Bot European tour (photo of “Erbot”).

 Genkonstruktor took me on a tour of Cabet, warning that photographs can not all better once again ask for permission. “Much of what we do, nobody does. And you do not want to have someone copied it – Knyazev says firmly. – Many of my pans, which for two years, the West has not yet been mentioned. I’m afraid if I reveal here and there to repeat it quickly. I want to go there immediately. Prepare it once all the infrastructure and start everywhere at once, like Facebook. I want to be first in something. This is the maximum motivation when you do something for the people first. “


Basement KB seemed hitryuschim maze with bundles of divergent turns, sudden steps up and down, back streets and unexpected pitfalls. At one corner – a piece of ordinary office after another – garage crazy computer geeks, for the third – in the face radiates warmth server.


In the aisles you suddenly balk at U.S. doroguschy 3D-printer, or just do not bang its head against the ceiling. And everywhere, robots, robots, robots. Finished and unfinished, partially assembled and coarsely dissected, broken and for some reason included. Cabet peacefully coexist in order and chaos. Maybe that is why the Bureau is not without a kind of comfort.


“I think this year or next year we should get the profit for sure. According to our estimates, to begin to sell a hundred units per year. And I do not think it’s massive sales. It is controlled by us, such implementation. Because the longer afraid to sell and does not provide technical support and then – gets me back to my office Knyazev. – With the robots, as with cars, it is necessary to create a local mechanic, because the moving parts must be changed. And if we do not yet have a robot with consumables such as ink cartridges in the printer (although it would be desirable, of course), you need a specialist, so that the robot has changed gears, lubrication. “


Design “erbota” praised the Japanese – they say, with the appearance of Russian hit the mark. But perhaps most of all foreigners like the price, which at least two times lower than that of similar foreign functional robots for telepresence. It is unquestionable superiority of the “erbota” over all of its current competitors. R.Bot in the basic model costs around $ 3000 (around 90 thousand rubles.) And in the maximum configuration, with all possible sensors, servers, and other things, the price reaches a third of a million rubles. Knyazev admits that could make their robots more cheaply, and only then will not fight back the development costs.


“The infrastructure we are forming, and we even have a little break … Canada invites, for example. The local official,” a little “different from ours. He realizes that if he does to society is good, this is another step up. I showed the option of using robots to teach children for people with disabilities. And I talked to the U.S., Canada senators, the people of the Parliament: “Yes, if we implement it, it will generally be cool!” That’s when our officers come across … In general, anyone here want nothing “- smiles Alex.


My request to set deadlines for Russian conquest of the robots of the world does not get a clear answer. “It’s all very complicated. It is one thing, “Facebook” do not you? $ 85 rental plus a server programmers, who are themselves the creators. And here still have a large infrastructure to lift by itself. It has everything – iron, electricity, software … We need money. If I were not, I would not be able to start, and – down glazai Alex looks at a simple mobile phone.


- And most importantly – do not be convinced though. Those are things that we started to see the result later, when people begin to use them. The idea is very difficult to convey to others, it is not until they get a feel. I’ve felt the control of a robot policeman – I knew what we were going. Everyone else saw the movie “Avatar”, “Surrogates”, something a few years. When the dominant model will be created, then everything will go faster. “


“Once in the store I saw a children’s bike, which cost 700 rubles. I think it’s great – have to take a while to gear cheap. I bought this stupid motorcycle, brought here, we pulled down … “


From the Russian robot inhabitant has the right to expect that he is made entirely from domestic components, assembled at the Russian bear factory, to the accompaniment of balalaika, painted in the tricolor and the doll looks like an eagle with two heads. All this I uttered Knyazev and ask how his Russian R.Bot.


“Electronic payment, except the parent, we have done here. 5-6 boards with processors ordered in Zelenograd, then began to do in China. Price is much lower there, but the Chinese are initially sent to 50% of marriage. In the end, did find a tolerable manufacturer, made specifically for it stands, all tested on the spot and weed out marriage, explains Alex. – While we, too, are machines, they do not allow the mold so as to compete with China. We get very expensive: $ 500 difference between the wild, compared to $ 5,000. Well, the little things – buttons, wires … It is, of course, China has bought. “


As soon as I open my mouth, like Knyazev cuts: “The main thing is that everything worked out here in full. Completely from scratch. When no one was watching. “


Absolutely innocent question unexpectedly raises my companion to a standstill. “Uh-uh, Russian robotics?” – Alex thinks hard. I’m just something and asked if he knew in this country other people and / or companies that build robots with an eye to the massive sales, by analogy with the firm “Erbot.” That is, if there are robots in Russia as a business. My companion threw up his hands: “I do, unfortunately, can not tell anyone … There are all sorts of festivals, universities spend …”


Sorry, I do not give Knyazev pull the conversation in the discussion of the stations of young technicians, competitions in schools and museums. I am interested in robobiznes. And some people could still be called Alex – the company ‘Android robots, “known to him. However, its renaming to the NGO “Androidnye machinery” and tamoshnem situation he does not know. I am the way, too.


Chance to see their eyes, act like robots R.Bot “field” and earn money for their own development, I was unexpectedly presented itself not just anywhere, but in the fact that neither is “Skolkovo”. I was among the journalists invited to the premiere electric Mitsubishi i-MiEV, where eight “erbotov” performs representative functions. The cars were decorated with symbols of the original hero for the day and throughout saunter among guests presentation. Girl-organizer, with whom I asked, where did the robot, proudly admitted that she found them on the Internet, but refused to name the amount of the transaction.


I must say that at the premiere of “Skolkovo” robot R.Bot enjoyed no less attention than the i-MiEV. The most active “erboty” said human, slightly altered “by a robot” voices and playfully flirted with people, do not forget to say marketing memorized phrases about the coming future.


Of course, talking of “erbotov” their statements with the laptop sitting behind a screen. Guys who can manage the robots are considered carriers of a whole new profession. Name it replaces while tracing English – robodrayver, and we can not say that it is dust-free an easy job.


Although the camera resolution, frame rate and other parameters are adjustable, the picture quality coming from the robot leaves something to be. Developers of course, trying to improve, equip multiple camera zoom lens, so that operators do not suffer from the eye, but none the less. The sound again is not ideal. Management is imperfect. But the one and only encounter with a person at the event threatens to turn into an international scandal. In general, watching robodrayverami the “Skolkovo” I caught myself thinking that there would be in their place.


The company R.Bot robots engaged in a maximum of 50 people. A team of 14 key holds the key areas – the creators of software, electronics engineers, designers, technologists and testing department, implementers, and so on. Alex says that he does not have enough people.


“To hire a person on the robots, I have to budget very clearly now, look. Although if the contracts are successful in other areas, the money deducted from there. Actually, I have to do everything in fact. And most importantly, I noticed myself that otmazheshsya hell! – CEO laughs again.

Alexis 46 years. Muscovite. Two sons are grown and gone in the footsteps – is also studying at Bauman University and working in the company of his father. One program the speech recognition and the other manufactures parts for machine tools.


- Ill one day, and I thought: well, cool, there’s a robot. And then you notice – the disease is not something that can not move down the street, but the fact that you have the brains cease to function properly. I go to the robot, not wriggle out already, I was just beginning to be addressed as a healthy person. And you feel that you need to quickly disconnect from the robot, with a temperature to sleep, to rest. “


During the conversation arose not idle question – how many people can simultaneously enter the telepresence robot. It turned out – how many pull system. Knyazev and colleagues tried a hundred people and believe that users should be even greater.


“Canada, U.S., Europe – Alex bends his fingers. – Where to begin, there is a deal soon: Robots perform certification and parallel implementation. Perhaps the public certificate will do, so that he and North America, Europe, and once worked. Perhaps we will cast immediately on introduction of 50 robots in the U.S. in the region of New Jersey, because there is more talking. And in Canada we have the basic state of Ontario, where 40% of the population. In Europe, Latvia interesting exhibits … “


R.Bot leading mobile broadcast on the Internet with a competitive selection process in the Open University “Skolkovo” (photo of “Erbot”).


Of course, I ask, what about Medvedev, Skolkovo innovation and modernization, Putin, the Agency strategic initiatives? ..


The answer to this question of the support of the Russian state structures – the story with a predictable ending. In short, Knyazev asked officials credit of $ 10-15 million to complete the production cycle in Russia. The Commission for some reason, Alex fused to the Defense Ministry, and from there it otfutbolili the Ministry of Education, and then sent to the Ministry of Communications. Then there was dead silence, and friends got hold of an important person Alex Phone.


“He picked up the phone, well, I say hello, that’s about robots, you have our letter, we would like to explain to meet. He says: Alexey, you are an adult, you would before you call, be found, how much time is spent on review, the official response … In general, the conversation ended with advice: you say, learn online, go to Google, type in search box … I said, do not understand why you called, I lost time with you, goodbye. Thus ended our innovative work with them “- pulls a pen Knyazev.


In fact, the company “Erbot” was the second attempt to storm the Russian state institutions. Through the Society of the Disabled. “I am a year and a half ago, wrote a letter explaining that we have the technology, we can attract people with disabilities in a robodrayverov, painted as a disabled person will work from the hospital …”


Alex could not tell more, everything is clear. But the prince explained to me the benefits of your project as if indifferent recipient of the letter I: “After all the fun: invalid finished work, he was satisfied that he was not at home and at work. He communicates with people, money gets a useful member of society … I asked to provide contacts with whom you can communicate in order to attract persons with disabilities. In response – silence is complete. Finally got through to them, I ask, why do you to our letter did not answer? I say, and you do not have written that required a response. All attempts by officials to go up against a fence. Feeling that need to pay for access … “


Disabled people to control robots employees Knyazev began to look for yourself. First, go, call up, and then moved on to the Internet, found a site where people with disabilities communicate, and from there brought up the children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities and diseases. Now these guys have already experienced robodrayvery.


Robogid running disabled Andrei Petrov in the Museum of Science entertaining “Eksperimentanium” (photo of “Erbot”).


“I’ve got a guy working – he has encephalopathy, a brain disease. He pulls words and this is very shy. But scientists have shown that social recognition, respect, communication, being in a social environment where you notice a motivational effect on the center of human action even more powerful than the instinct for survival. great effect! – Alex admires. – And the example of the guy we’re just stunned: he now says a lot faster, stopped shy, a man wakes up energy. Recently, he himself at the Polytechnic Museum for Children conducted a tour of the Hall television, all told, show … And overcame the fear that he was ridiculed. “


Later in this respect the general uttered the phrase, which I still do not go out of my head. “Robots can activate the dormant energy at least in the ADA.” Sounded that way, without commas.


R.Bot conducts a tour of the Hall of Radio Electronics and Communications Polytechnic Museum in Moscow. The guide-robodrayver – invalid Sergei Poskachey (photo of “Erbot”).


Unconventional idea of ??bringing persons with disabilities as robodrayverov liking Knyazeva partners in North America. He even offered them a kind of barter. “For example, in Canada, night work is expensive, but the Russian people with disabilities could be the night to monitor the situation in Ontario and Canada – here with us. As a result, the winner and the employee and the employer. It turns out that night work is performed by people during the day. There are many benefits you can find! – Says Alex.


- Can you imagine if a million disabled people to plant 10 million robots so that they, working in a call center, could spend their time more efficiently! The person is fully occupied, and served 10 points in ten employers, each took less salary, but really something and save the employer and the disabled make more in different places! “


Although the company “Erbot” their robots in the conventional sense does not sell, it is increasingly implement them, and everywhere, including the regular schools and hospitals. R.Bot and children – this is a separate perspective direction.


“In the different schools in different ways. In one, not far from us, turned out very well. Come directly to the director, she agreed. Dali boy, he had kidney transplants, can not walk to school (reducing the immune system takes daily medication to rejection is not it). We put the robot, and normally, the boy began to work, study. But suddenly we were faced with such a thing as a teacher reluctance to participate in the experiment, which was not part of the program. She started off a robot! – Alex laughs. – In this case it is not know how to disable it and turned off the charging station. What we see – the robot is discharged and is discharged. In general, we took him away. “


The experiment was continued at another school and has given more food for thought. “We found a lot of things that do not even have been able to come up with” – confesses Knyazev. Robotics are faced with the fact that coming home to a sick child to the teacher as prvilo, stretched to the higher estimate. And when the student-homebody by the robot is in a class, he has to answer without concessions on the full program.


Surprise – all of a sudden see that the child is not an A student. That is

Parents should be aware that with the formation of telepresence will be given to all much stronger than without it. When acting R.Bot, child in the classroom, they hear all the answers, the teacher should put his assessment of how the rest. “We do not know and did not anticipate”, – the director admits, “Erbota.”


Through telepresence parents of schoolchildren can go under your password on the robot during lessons and watch the behavior of their kids, and just as importantly, teachers. Although control the robot at the school and parents to talk through it can not, some teachers from such human-computer interaction is not happy.


“Another thing, if the teacher has something to show. One was a program on e-learning, and I went to listen. Suits me the deputy director and says,” let us. “So we almost accidentally Taganka found a school that holds open classes” on camera ” . They put there for a couple of robots, and the parents say, we are now parents’ meeting is not necessary – we are seeing the behavior of the children: it is noisy, that everybody’s way, it sits and does not respond “- said my companion with undisguised pleasure. The problem of a robot as a distraction during class Knyazev not consider serious, because the car in the class of all, they say, get used to quickly and stop paying attention.


“For hospitals, we have robots quiet and noisy. Pacific – clearly, this resuscitation, surgery on the heart. But in one hospital, we are now asked to put the robot’s noisy, so pronounced was – says genkonstruktor. – By the way, the hospital was the case. At night, the doctor went to a robot out of the house, he began to move, afraid of a woman (laughing) thanks to more nurses were disciplined, but it will take up smoking … “


Knyazev, accompanied me to the door of the Bureau, and I note the corner of his eye at the door, heaped up a security system. At the threshold for some reason, Alex recalls, Akio Morita, founder of Sony: «He is the head of the book a classroom. He says we Japanese live on islands, where all the time, shaking, 30% of the area is suitable for our lives, we are constantly tsunami, we do not have any minerals, but we have the energy of the people, and it allows us a lot what to do. And here in Russia, unfortunately, is the energy of the hydrocarbon. My employee in this example says that it is better – the energy of the people or the energy of a hydrocarbon? “


In parting, Alex advised me to read an interesting book, which he bought yesterday. The book is called “How to avoid the resource curse.”


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