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RBOT Festival at the Museum of Cosmonautics


  April 12, 1961 went into space, Yuri Gagarin! In memory of those 108 minutes of the first manned flight into space on April 12 became the Day of Cosmonautics. In 2011, at a meeting of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution...


Receiving orders

Receiving orders

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R.BOT became the most popular promoter of the exhibition "Belarusian House - 2013" in Minsk. The robot came to the capital of Belarus, to support popular portal Dom.by and present their new mobile app to easily find the store building products, tools, furniture and household appliances.   Around...


Electronic named Stepan 

Распечатать запись

In the three metropolitan schools have learning robots

Our reporters visited the world’s first school, where the robot in the classroom has replaced a sick child.


Robots imperceptibly come into our lives: they are “learning” in the three metropolitan schools, the books give children in the Central City Library named after AP Gaidar, work part time consultant to the Moscow house of creativity and career counseling centers.


One kilometer from the class

North-East, Altufyevo, School 166. Robot meets us right at the entrance: black and white cyborg stood next to the guard.

- Our correct name is: not a school, a center of education, – the director corrects Faina Ivanovna Lapko. – And this robot is not involved in the protection, it is only just recharged.

Results in the center of “learning” two robot models “R.Bot 100″, created in the capital of the company “Laboratory three-dimensional view.” Have to be recharged cyborg named yet. But the school has brought worldwide fame robot Stepan, whom we met in the classroom on the third floor.

Planetary fame is not a metaphor. Once the robot secured 12-year-old boy, who doctors recommend seldom leave the house, a school attack journalists. Subjects of the Russian school robot shot the British and French television channels, Arabic “Al-Jazeera.”

- This I offered to come up with a name – said Faina Ivanovna. – I tell the children: “Well, we’re all robots and the robot, let’s call Stepan?” The name stuck.

Stepin classmates easily apprehended cyborg. The creators of “R.Bot 100″ confirm that the case everywhere, the children become accustomed to robots very quickly. It happens that even the teachers need more time to get used to the android.

That, however, it is quite logical: the teacher, figuratively speaking, have grown to “The Adventures of Electronics”, trehseriynom Soviet film, filmed back in 1980 based on the fiction Eugene Veltistova. And Stepan classmates – the “Avatar” James Cameron.

“Electronic” heartier, but “Avatar” rather conveys the concept of the robot counterpart.

Stepan is physically located within a kilometer from the school. Namesake, it controls the robot via the Internet. Stepan sitting in front of a computer at home and using the keyboard with standard keys moves the cyborg game at the school. He sees and hears everything the robot sees and hears. We have some privileges Stepan, he can move freely in class.

The rest of it as a regular student: listening to records, answers to the questions of the teacher. At recess leaves a class, low thresholds for him is not a barrier. Moves on wheels at speeds up to 2 km / h

In size it is as mladsheklassnik: the growth of 105 cm, weight 35 kg. However, thicker modern children: 55 cm in diameter Powered by lead-acid battery charge lasts for 8 hours. The charger is connected to the mains at 220 volts.

And the robot has an extraordinary love of peace, neither girl by the pigtails are not jerks, or click on a chair does not put a. For good reason: this model of cyborg hands is not allowed.


And instead of a flaming heart Wi-Fi

Excellence and winner of many competitions, step-man, though rarely, but still is in school and met with his counterpart, an android. Namesake, he is very pleased: “I can move the robot’s head to look left or right. I feel as if I’m in class.”

To control the robot does not need any special knowledge. Need a computer with access to high speed internet.

Creators’ Erbota “positioned his creation as” telepresence device, controlled by man, with some degree of autonomy. “

Such devices instantly personalized and “humanized”. And not just in schools – everywhere. For example, the Central Children’s Library after Gaidar also took over operation of two robots. Both found a literary heroes: cyborgs, librarians named Chuck and Huck.


With the electronic diary to interactive whiteboard

- Our status as a center of education requires a lot of things which may not be in secondary schools – Director Faina Lapko. – We provide a variety of educational programs and provide various forms of social support for students. Scientifically: Variation sociocultural learning environment.

In the center of the study 660 children. Most – like in a regular school. Although the “normal” it is only for teenagers. But for older people, there is something ironic in that, you know, “routine” of the 21st century, electronic diaries, interactive boards, information kiosks, computer and bicycle avtotrenazhery.

But the main thing – the special form of training. For example, family, home, correspondence, and intramural externship. Or a new form – an inclusive education. The bottom line: the smooth entry of sick children in the learning process.

- And we come logically to the fact that distant forms of training is vital – concludes Faina Ivanovna. – Robots are used in all forms of learning. His second robot, we decided to use as a consultant. Imagine a teacher on duty was sitting in the classroom, the children prepare their homework. And right out of the house by the robot asked the teacher questions. And natural disasters (such as heat waves this summer) and epidemic (lyutuyuschy flu) are not terrible.

According to the director, even to the present first generation of robots are no specific technical complaints. The main drawback: the number. Two of them, and need at least five.



Vyacheslav Kravtsov, head of the project “Erbot”:

- Robots will change the social situation: many people with disabilities do not go out of the house, and with “Erbotov” they can work. For example, consultants in the store.

Our robots are also used as informants, consultants, tour guides, domestic assistants, office managers. Finally, if for some reason you can not travel, then the robot has no boundaries in space and time, he did not need a passport and visa. Enjoy the white nights of St. Petersburg, or the Roman Coliseum, you can through your “Erbota.”

As for schools, teachers robots existed before. But in terms of student robots Russia is ahead of everyone. This priority is to save: the robot is going completely in our country, we are ready for serial production.


By the way

September 1 classes in the 166-m center began with a lesson of patriotic education, as indeed everywhere else. The teacher asks the guys that you personally feat? Opinions differ, the children retell stories mostly from textbooks. The teacher turns to the robot: “Tap Dance, and what do you think?” “The feat for me to cope with the disease” – ingenuously responsible student. Dead silence in the classroom …

According to teachers, such a scene, taken by the soul, break stereotypes and overturn the established view. This is not just another technical innovation, such as interactive whiteboards and electronic diaries. A new level of social relations, which we understand and accept, but not yet fully comprehended. “Avatar”, which entered into our daily life.

A sense of need. For the price of social projects “Erbota” in the configuration for the schools, that is, without arms, manipulators and expensive laser sights, in the range of 100 thousand rubles. Probably, in the free market and a complete set according to individual customer requirements, they will be more expensive, but in any case the cost of the lift.

And that means they are going. Incidentally, an interesting fact: this robot developed in Russia in 2008, that is, a year before the premiere of “Avatar.”


Source: http://www.rg.ru/2011/02/10/robo.html