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The plot of the TV channel "Russia Today" about russian robots.



RBOT Festival at the Museum of Cosmonautics


  April 12, 1961 went into space, Yuri Gagarin! In memory of those 108 minutes of the first manned flight into space on April 12 became the Day of Cosmonautics. In 2011, at a meeting of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution...


Receiving orders

Receiving orders

Open to accept pre-orders for "robot with interchangeable intelligence" R.BOT Synergy. Send your request to info@rbot.ru.    Robots with interchangeable intelligence R.BOT Synergy   Mobile Robot Swan Min height (folded): 350 mm...


Robot in Minsk


R.BOT became the most popular promoter of the exhibition "Belarusian House - 2013" in Minsk. The robot came to the capital of Belarus, to support popular portal Dom.by and present their new mobile app to easily find the store building products, tools, furniture and household appliances.   Around...


R.BOT – ROBOT telepresence 

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The exhibition of robots, which took place January 8, 2011 in the All-Russian program “Holidays at the Polytechnic of robots,” introduced a new Russian design – telepresence robot for R.Bot.

Robot R.Bot mass-produced and is intended to be a helper to man, both at home and office. In addition, the robot can be used as a robot-informant, a consultant to guide promotions and other events. The developer, the company Laboratory three-dimensional view, also states the possibility of using R.Bot as an office manager. 


R.Bot allows you to remotely attend at the place where he is, see and hear what he hears and sees R.Bot, and talk and play back an image with R.Bot, using the connection through the Internet and advanced wireless technology. You can manage R.Bot remotely from anywhere in the planet, having a PC or laptop, PDA or mobile phone connected to the Internet.

R.Bot robot head can rotate freely in different planes (4 degrees of freedom). With this robot can move its head up, down and around. In this high-resolution camera located in front of the head allows the operator to control the situation around R.Bot.

The robot operator can see the world around the robot not only on the screen of your monitor, but also through video glasses, which have built-in display and easily connect to your computer or laptop. Points are pocket change monitor, and create a complete sense of presence, where there is R.Bot. 


On the head of a robot mounted laser module is used to refer to objects.  

 Operators R.Bot.


The touch screen located in front of the robot provides broadcast video and playback of images from a webcam of the operator. In the absence of images of the operator’s screen can display help information, or produced videos. Using the touch screen can also be controlled robot.

 The main body of R.Bot with 2 wide directional microphone and a directional microphone with noise reduction system that provides a clean clear sound.


In the lower part of the body are the dynamics of the robot for stereo sound. The robot can transmit sound transmitted from the user via the Internet at R.Bot. The robot can also read texts by using a speech synthesizer, or play pre-notebooks audio fragments.


In addition to the above items R.Bot robot has an infrared sensor and sensor damage.


R.Bot can move at a speed of about 2 km / h on a relatively flat surface. He is able to overcome such obstacles as rapids and cable channels. Wheel diagram of the robot can move along the surface in all directions, and even spinning on the spot. The robot moves by two large drive wheels located at the side of the body. Stability of the robot is provided by third small wheel at the bottom of the hull. 


he diameter of the robot – 55 cm, height – 1.3 m These dimensions allow the robot to move freely in any doorway. And weighs about 35 kg R.Bot.

R.Bot “talks” with the speaker of a robot dog, “Robic” from the Center for Children’s Art “Spring” (r Orekhovo).


One of the important advantages of the robot – the ability to work without recharging up to 8 hours (depending on usage). Together with a special robot comes R.Bot-charging station that can provide automatic charging of lead-acid batteries of 220 volts. Linux. 


he robot operates under the operating system Linux. The operator can connect to R.Bot as via the Internet or locally via a wireless network. 


Together with R.Bot supplied software disc that can be installed on a PC, laptop or PDA, as well as new models of mobile phones that have the ability to connect to the Internet. After installing the software, the user can fully control the R.Bot, and through him to share audio and video, that is, say, transmit video and see and hear what he hears and sees R.Bot.


If a situation arises when the software CD is not the owner of the robot with them, and work with R.Bot must then be applied in this case an ordinary web-browser. The user can type the address of the service site R.Bot, enter your name and password, and this is his R.Bot ready to work, executing commands, transmitting sound, image and voice.


In conclusion, we should say that R.Bot corresponds to the Russian standards for household appliances USE OF.

Source: http://myrobot.ru/articles/robot_rbot