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The plot of the TV channel "Russia Today" about russian robots.



RBOT Festival at the Museum of Cosmonautics


  April 12, 1961 went into space, Yuri Gagarin! In memory of those 108 minutes of the first manned flight into space on April 12 became the Day of Cosmonautics. In 2011, at a meeting of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution...


Receiving orders

Receiving orders

Open to accept pre-orders for "robot with interchangeable intelligence" R.BOT Synergy. Send your request to info@rbot.ru.    Robots with interchangeable intelligence R.BOT Synergy   Mobile Robot Swan Min height (folded): 350 mm...


Robot in Minsk


R.BOT became the most popular promoter of the exhibition "Belarusian House - 2013" in Minsk. The robot came to the capital of Belarus, to support popular portal Dom.by and present their new mobile app to easily find the store building products, tools, furniture and household appliances.   Around...


Social aspect of the exhibition “Design and Advertising” 

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Last week in Moscow’s Central House of Artists on the Crimean shaft was the 18th exhibition of the advertising industry, “Design and Advertising.” During the four days event which was attended by over 200 companies, attended by over 10,000 people.

Last week in Moscow’s Central House of Artists on the Crimean shaft was the 18th exhibition of the advertising industry, “Design and Advertising.” During the four days event which was attended by over 200 companies, attended by over 10,000 robots chelovek.O R.BOT wrote in a blog after meeting with them at the exhibition “Design and Advertising – 2012″. 

For the convenience of visitors to the exhibition space divided by lines: “Design,” “Promotional Printing”, “Outdoor Advertising”, “Progress of the goods (POS)», «Internet advertising”, “Design of exhibition stands,” “Souvenirs.” The exhibition presented a wide range of technical capabilities of commercial advertising – from calendars, shelves and a wide range of packaging to a variety of electroluminescent posters. Many firms have demonstrated not only advertising ideas, and techniques for their implementation.

Social stress was present in the commercial area of the exhibition. Thus, the racks for trade advertising chocolate «MilkyWay», made ??in the form of rockets and bookshelves, called reach of children “up to knowledge.”

The exhibition was a purely social projects. For example, the rollers’ car seat – for children! “(Directed by Christian Bevilacqua) and” Passengers “(directed by Ne-O), taken by studio« Stink Moscow »for large-scale social campaign” Movement without danger “, received eight awards at the competition of television advertising of production studios, “25 fps”. The information campaign “Car seat – for children” is designed to inform parents that buying a car seat is more important than buying yet another toy. According to the organizers before the start of the campaign half of car owners – parents of children under 12 years – did not have a car seat, and always used them only one in four. After the end of the campaign earlier this year, the situation has changed, which is confirmed not only the polls, but the statistics for road accidents.

Media library PSAs Atprint.ru held an exhibition of Russian PSAs, freely offered to accommodate the media. The exhibition shows models of social advertising by non-governmental organizations, creative agencies and design studios for the solution of social problems. For example, a charitable fund with an adult “Live” with advertising, which is the face of a popular radio host Anton Komolov, or a project to raise money for the opening of the cabinet, the Andrei Sakharov Museum “Moscow is one box,” which is not lit.

The Russian company “Rbot” presented to the visitors robot R.Bot – Assistant to the home and office. It allows a person to remotely attend at the place where the robot: hear, see, talk and play back images using the connection through the Internet and advanced wireless technology. Robots R.BOT attracted public attention to their appearance and interactivity. For example, R.Bot helps children to learn, who can not attend school because of health problems. A recently conducted a virtual tour of the robot for Internet users to the Pushkin Museum!

“At the exhibition we saw a good social projects, but, unfortunately, a little – prevails, of course, commercial advertising, – said the Director General of the Public Foundation” People’s Initiative “Alexey Belozerov. – Nevertheless, it is time to increase public service sector, as it is powerful and effective tool for positive impact on society. “Belozerov expressed hope that the technologies and ideas presented at the exhibition in the field of commercial advertising will be used in the social sfere.Dlya those too lazy to go to link – here is an article in its entirety.


The full article you can read here: http://www.sostav.ru/blogs/56013/8530/