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The plot of the TV channel "Russia Today" about russian robots.



RBOT Festival at the Museum of Cosmonautics


  April 12, 1961 went into space, Yuri Gagarin! In memory of those 108 minutes of the first manned flight into space on April 12 became the Day of Cosmonautics. In 2011, at a meeting of the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution...


Receiving orders

Receiving orders

Open to accept pre-orders for "robot with interchangeable intelligence" R.BOT Synergy. Send your request to info@rbot.ru.    Robots with interchangeable intelligence R.BOT Synergy   Mobile Robot Swan Min height (folded): 350 mm...


Robot in Minsk


R.BOT became the most popular promoter of the exhibition "Belarusian House - 2013" in Minsk. The robot came to the capital of Belarus, to support popular portal Dom.by and present their new mobile app to easily find the store building products, tools, furniture and household appliances.   Around...


For St. Petersburg students will learn avatars 

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Photo: Photographer Kuzenkov
Robots help sick kids to keep up with the class
Now robots will go to class, sit in the classroom and even answer the board. In the new school year in six schools will Vasilievsky Island real robots. They will learn to help those guys who can not physically attend classes.


Machines are called “Avatar” because of the function of telepresence, as described in the eponymous film by James Cameron. By the way, long before “Avatar” in 2005, Japan made a film “Hinoki,” about a boy with a disability, who, through the robot attended school. But the official name – R.bot in honor of the company-developer.


Externally R.bot like a big vacuum cleaner head. White plastic, semi-oval shape. More than three feet tall, he gets an adult waist. He has no arms and legs, but moves slowly through the wheels. Front of the robot small monitor diagonal inches ten. With man R.bota unites only his head: with eyes and a mouth, inside of which is built webcam. Strictly speaking, this is a laptop with a webcam and the Internet connection. Talking to a robot – a man. So the main purpose of the machine – to represent that person in a particular place.


He moved with the remote control, but self reacts to the movement of people. However, its mobility and the way he turns his head, causing the surrounding emotion.


However, in the 642-th school pupil unusual, nobody will be surprised. Almost two quarters he replaced a third grader Ian. In winter, the boy injured his spine at the rink and could not walk to school. For him it did R.bot. A teacher recognized that the guys even played with the machine in a trickle.


- I John was a fracture, and he spent several months in bed, and then the doctors allowed him to just sit – mother of student Elena Dem’yanovich. – When it became clear that the house will have to spend far more than one day, we went to the school administration, to help him keep up with the program. And we were given their own robot. Thanks to him, Ian and studied. At home, he was connected to the robot, and so present in the classroom. So he communicated with his classmates.


Now the boy is on the mend and went to the next class will go on their own. So R.bot he no longer needed. Now the electronics will help with lessons to other students, the so-called “homeworkers”.


- The robot will help to learn those guys who do not go to school because of illness, – explained in the administration of Vasilievsky Island. – Moreover, a robot will be able to study for multiple children.


Temporarily ill, got a cold children are unlikely to use the services of artificial intelligence. But for children with disabilities, to get it in order, it will be necessary permission from the parents and a doctor. Operation of the robot – is simple enough. Go out on a special portal to enter their data and connect. When school ends, the robot is simply in a class by charging.


- The main purpose of this robot – be the eyes of a child, – the technical director of the company, co-developer “Teledroyd” Kirill Aksenov. – A child sits at home and sees everything through the robot, it is as if the body of the robot. On his chest is a screen through which one can translate itself. Inside, it has a network of Wi-FI, which remains closed to all, but it is controlled by it. In the range of Wi-Fi zone and it goes. Work if there is an Internet of two megabits per second – this is now a ridiculous speed, it is available to everyone.



The idea of ??telepresence – when a person is in one place, and some device performs its function in another, dates back to 1985. Marvin Lee Minsky, co-founder of Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology identified three main areas for the use of telepresence: mining, underwater exploration and nuclear research. But the head of R.Bot Alexey Knyazev, a former computer programmer and businessman, became interested in the artificial intelligence and introduced it in 2005. In Russia, these robots work in the shop, took part in the promotions. In Moscow, one of those working in the library. There are robots that drive trips, while the guide is sitting in his office, and so some doctors advise patients in absentia. In St. Petersburg R.bot appeared only in the last year at school. Developers do not deny that in the future these robots will increasingly occur in the streets of the city: museums, hospitals, shops. That’s just to buy an expensive home this yet. True, the exact cost of the machine is kept secret.


Source: http://kp.ru/online/news/1233421/#comment